Men’s Program


Our men’s program offers two distinct treatment programs: one for those with histories of sexual offending and one for those struggling with sexual addiction. We recognize that these two groups sometimes overlap. Sexual offending can have a  compulsive nature, and sexual addiction can cross the line into sexual offending.


In both programs we teach men how to manage the behavioral choices that have created pain and chaos in their lives and the lives of others. With specialized intervention and/or treatment plans tailored to meet individual needs, established patterns of sexual behavior can be managed and transformed into a life that is both risk-free and superior.


We offer individual, group, couples, and family interventions and/or treatment. We foster caring and respectful relationships and encourage the men to do so with their fellow group members. Treatment requires a commitment to ongoing accountability and the ability to create and maintain continued involvement with the support group they will create during their program. In addition, our therapists are prepared to bring people together for reconciliation/reunification work at a family member’s or victim’s request and readiness.

Sexual Addiction

 Sexual Addiction

In today’s world of pervasive sexualized media and easy access to online pornography, many men find themselves addicted to sex and/or compulsive sexual behavior. Pornography, cybersex, prostitutes, indiscriminate sexual activity, incessant masturbation, and other venues of expression result in some men living a double life. These men can become secretive, isolated, unhappy, and sometimes harmful toward others. We offer a group treatment program, augmented by individual, couples, and/or family interventions where necessary, to help men overcome sexual addiction.

Sexual Offending

Sexual Offending

For thirty years we have been studying, assessing, treating, and measuring sexual risk in a variety of men* who engage in a wide range of sexually offensive behaviors, including exhibitionism, pedophilia, voyeurism, sexual assault, incest, sex trafficking, and the distributing and viewing of child pornography. We work with men with secret histories of sexual offending; those identifying themselves to be at risk for sexual offending; and those accused, charged, and/or adjudicated on criminal sex charges. Some come voluntarily, and others arrive with mandates from family members or dependency/family or criminal Court, probation, or parole.


All therapists facilitating this specialized program are CASOMB (California Sex Offender Management Board) certified specialists. While working closely with probation, parole, Child and Family Services, and the Courts, we provide quarterly progress reports, forensic evaluations, and expert testimony. Our assessment and treatment protocols rely on evidence-based standards that have shown the best results for those who engage in sexually offensive behavior, and our treatment results are high with low re-offense rates.


*While it is more rare that women are referred for sexual offender treatment, they are welcome in our program.

CORR™(Community Of Resource & Reconciliation)

CORR™(Community Of Resource & Resolution)

In December 2008 we started the only sexual offender group aftercare program for treated offenders in existence. CORR is a nonprofit organization whose vision is to continue to help men support each other as they seek a better life. CORR offers them a monthly support group where open dialogue, ongoing accountability, and continued involvement with facilitators (paraprofessionals and professionals), peers, family, friends, victims, and the community. CORR drop-in meetings are free, monthly, and voluntary. The men share a potluck meal, lend encouragement in their mutual efforts to remain offense-free, and help one another with challenges such as employment, housing, and everyday responsibilities. Periodically CORR opens its meetings to the members’ partners, friends, and the greater community.


CORR also aims to help those hurt by sexual abuse, supporting the men as they attend to resolution with their victims and aiming to provide necessary services and compensation for members’ families and victims, as well as victims of sexual assault in general. Finally, CORR welcomes those who have not committed a sexual offense but feel they are at risk for doing so. Since its founding, no one in the CORR aftercare program has ever been convicted of another sexual offense.