Forensic Services

Within all of our specialty programs, we provide an array of forensic services including expert witness and consultation; and evaluations, assessments, and reports for criminal, family, dependency, and juvenile court. When there is a legal question of risk, capacity, or transparency, we work collaboratively with judges, attorneys, juvenile or adult probation, mediators, custody evaluators, social services, and Child Protective Services as needed to provide assessments, evaluations, and psychological testing, evidence-based protocols, opinions, and recommendations that best address the concerns of the professional referring party.

 We provide an array of forensic evaluations

Specifically, in our consultation, expert assessments and testimony, we can address the following:


•  Alcohol and drug abuse and dependence assessments

•  Child custody evaluations

•  Collaborative divorce/mediation

•  Co-parenting counseling

•  General mental health assessments

•  Parental alienation in custody disputes

•  The ability of a non-offending parent to protect their child after the child has been removed from the parent’s custody due to abuse or neglect that occurred in their care

•  Further assessment of a child’s allegations of abuse when formal interviews are inconclusive

•  Parental fitness of parents who have prior sexual offenses and are currently at low risk for re-offense

•  The risk level and treatment needs of both adolescents and adults who have committed all types of sexual offenses

•  Pre-adjudication evaluations for all types of alleged sexual crimes

•  Pre- and post-civil commitment assessments for sexually violent predators

•  Pre-adjudication evaluations for all types of general and all types of sexual criminal offenses including drug and murder offenses